5 Tips for Staying Cool & Save Money
Summer is here, with days  that are sometimes 35+, keeping home cool could be costly, but doesn’t have to.
Here are 5 home ownership tips to keep your home cool for an enjoyable summer and save money.
  1. Keep all windows closed & window coverings closed during the day.
    Especially the south & west facing windows, where there’s direct sun exposure. If you are not a fan of window coverings, at least get the coverings for the south & west window.Your saving on your energy bill is enough to buy you a nice window covering.White window coverings are the best option, as they can reflect the heat and reduce temperature build up.
  1. Run the dishwashers & laundries in the early morning or at night or during the weekend. Always try to consume your energy during Off-Peak time whenever you can.The different between off-peak and on-peak is more than double. Weekends & statutory holidays are considered off-peak too.

Off-Peak: 8.7¢
Mid-Peak: 13.2¢
On-Peak: 18 ¢

  1. Keep your air conditioner clean & change the filter to ensure its best efficiency.
    Use the programmable thermostat to regulate your AC temperature for day time setting and night time setting. If you have an old AC that’s eating up your energy bill, time to replace to a new one that’s far energy efficient.
  1. Fans help keep the air circulated at home.
    So if you have a ceiling fan or a portable fan somewhere at home that’s forgotten, time to put them into good use. They don’t consume much energy; will also help keeping the temperature cool at home.
  1. When you are not at home, turn off your computer, TVs, switch off the lights.
    The less electronic or appliances that’s in usage, the less heat it will produce at home. I know, sounds simple right? Many people don’t do it.
Now you know the tips, let’s become smart home owners, stay cool & save money for the summer.

Have a cool 2016 summer!!!