Good Feng Shui Home

What makes a good Feng Shui home?

Good feng shui means good energy, good health, happiness and prosperity. Now adays, not only Asian buyers believe in good Feng Shui, many other cultures start adopting it too. Applying Feng Shui to the process of buying a home could give you a piece of mind, and assure of your future financial investment.

Here are some easy Feng Shui tips when buying a home.

1. Outside of the Home
In Feng Shui, to ensure a good energy flowing, look for a house in a clean street with no large structures in front of the house. A house located at the T junction is believed to have bad energy. A house with a sloped backyard is also believed to have bad Feng Shui. A good Feng Shui home would be a lot that has a backyard larger than the front yard (another word, pie shape home); no T junction, no slope in the backyard, with no structures in front of the house.

2. Front Door
The front door is very important in feng shui as this is how the house receives its energy nourishment. Do you have a large tree that’s in front of the door? That would prevent the good energy from entering your home. Ensure that there’s no objects blocking your front door view. Also, ensure that your front door doesn’t align with your adjacent home’s front door. A house with a front porch and a clear front door view is considered a good Feng Shui home.

3. Front Entrance
A front door opens to a clear passage is considered a good Feng Shui. When entering the house, is there a stair facing the front door? Is there a wall facing the front door? Is there a closet or bathroom door facing the front door? These are all important factors to be considered while shopping for a good Feng Shui home, as it is rather costly and time consuming to do a structural change.

4. Kitchen Positioning
Kitchen is supposed to be the most important part of your home, as this is where you sustain life. Good Feng Shui kitchen should be bright with lots of natural lights, close to the back door, clear of objects from the back door. To keep the good energy from flowing, it is important to keep it airy, clean and welcoming. Kitchen window is better to be clear of items. Plants and flowers in kitchen is believed to up bring the energy.

5. Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Master bedroom is the 2nd most important part of your home; it is the main power of the house. Master bedroom should not directly face the staircase. The bed should not be positioned across from the washroom door. All bedrooms doors should not face each other, or should not be facing any bathroom doors. A good Feng Shui room is a room with a door that opens to free passage of the home.

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