Why go with a Condo?

By Jin Jiang

Condos can be an ultimate choice whether you’re a first time home buyer, young professional, a baby boomer looking to downsize, or simply looking for a rental investment property.

Condo life offers the convenience of
One of the top benefits of condo ownership is the availability of living location.

With housing price keep rising, condo has become a more affordable choice. You can easily find a studio or one bedroom, in a downtown starting from low $200k and up; a 2 bedroom would be a better choice for young families, with price starting from $300k and up. Many condo owners prefer the freedom of not owning a car, replacing with bicycle or public transit, which cut down the cost for car maintenance & parking.

Condo requires minimum maintenance and up keeping. While having a house can me difficult to keep up with all yard work, snow shoveling, gardening, and more, condo management does all the work for you. With just few hundred a month of maintenance fee, you are hands free. Some management even offers handy man service to the residence.

Condo living can be a personal lifestyle choice. Many of my clients believe in minimum living. Modern days, everyone has a busy life, efficiency becomes important. The less space you have, the less you own, the less chance of cluttering up, the less things to do, less stress you have. Now more time you have on your hand. With more free times on hand, you can enjoy more of the other aspect of life. Also, if you need to be away for a month or two, you don’t have to worry about a house sitter.

The social aspect of condo living is one of the most important benefits of condo ownership. Condo living promotes enjoyable community and social gathering. For example, most condo buildings offer a common lounge rooms, billiards and gaming rooms, theatre rooms, libraries, gyms, swimming pools, rooftop patios, and shared bbq areas. If you enjoy social gatherings, condo living would provide lots of social options for you. For pet lovers, you might find it easier to meet other animal lovers like yourself.
Condo living also offers many other benefits such as, security guards and conscience service, visitor parkings, party rooms, guest suites, and much more, which has made condo living a convenient living.

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