Why hire an agent to buy a home?

Buying a home is a single major financial decision for many. While one might think they can handle things on their own, having a professional by your side can make the process go smoothly and provide you with a valuable insight that will help with your purchase.

Benefits of hiring an agent:

  1. More access
    • Realtors have extensive access to not every home that’s on the market via MLS, but also exclusive listings that’s not available to public.
  2. Inside deals

Often, before a house hits the market, realtors sold it to their direct contact, either an existing client or other realtors in trade

  1. Knowledge

Realtors can prepare you with a comparable of the neighbourhood, to update you with a recent sold history of the similar home.

  1. Negotiation

Realtors have the ablity to negotiate with the sellers on your behalf. They have the expertise to negotiate and close the deal.

  1. Smooth Process

Realtors can guide you through the process of mortgage approval, home inspection, lawyer approval, and many other referrals through the trade.

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